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USAA is a Fortune 500 company based in Texas that offers a wide range of financial products to people that served in the United States armed forces, or their family members. The company has a total of over 11 million current members, which are attracted to the company because of its competitive rates and quality service.

usaaSome of the top products that the company offers include banking services, investment accounts, insurance, and loans. Consumers that qualify for USAA can take out personal loans, mortgages, and even auto loans. USAA has continued to be one of the largest providers of auto loans to veterans and family members of veterans due to their service and low rates.

Today, USAA offers among the best auto loan rates available. The company currently has a tiered program that offers a different rate based on the length of the loan and the amount of money that is borrowed. For consumers that have strong credit ratings and can repay the loan in 36 months or less, it is possible to get an auot loan rate below 1.50%. Those that are looking for a longer loan period, of up to 60 months, interest rates are a bit higher at 2.25%. Those that are looking to spend more on a car will be able to qualify for a 72-month loan, but will have to pay a 2.49 interest rate. Interest rates also tend to be a little bit lower for purchases of a new car, as opposed to buying a used car.

Consumers that choose to also get their auto insurance through USAA could save even more money by combining the two products. Those that are interested in taking out an auto loan can start the process by applying online, but could also apply over the phone and complete the forms through the mail.

Overall, consumers tend to have positive reviews of the USAA auto loan. The interest rate and flexible terms are considered very favorable compared to other options provided by banks and credit unions. Furthermore, the fact that the entire process can be completed online and approval can be received within a day is favorable to those that are looking to purchase a car in the immediate future.