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Outside of purchasing a home, the biggest investment that many people will make is purchasing a car. Since buying a new car often costs tens of thousands of dollars, it would make sense in many instances to take out an auto loan instead of paying for the whole car in cash. When looking to take out an auto loan, a great place to start is with US Bank.

taking-out-a-car-loan-through-us-bank-1US Bank is a Minneapolis-based commercial bank that has been in business for nearly 50 years. The company currently has over 65,000 employees, many of which work in consumer-lending roles, which include providing auto loans. This has helped to make the company one of the largest providers of auto loans in the country.

What makes US Bank one of the top auto loan lenders in the country is their very attractive terms to car buyers. The company is unique in that it will provide up to 115% financing of the purchase price of the car. This should provide you with the capital necessary to pay for all of the title fees and sales taxes that come with buying a new car. Furthermore, the company offers longer-term car payment options, which can extend up to six years. This will greatly reduce the monthly payment that you incur compared to getting a four or five year car loan.

taking-out-a-car-loan-through-us-bank-2The company is currently offering a very attractive loan payment offer. For car loans up to $100,000, the company will provide an interest rate of 2.49%. This will help to ensure that you are able to get a car loan at an affordable level, regardless of your personal income situations. The lowest offered interest rate is currently available to consumers with good credit histories.

If you are looking to take out an auto loan from US Bank, you will be able to do so through any bank branch located across the country. You can also start and finish the car loan application online through the US Bank website.