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Navy Federal accommodates its account holders by offering them great deals and rates regularly. Those who are in need of a car loan can explore these offers by viewing them online or visiting the nearest branch. What they will find is complete financing options for new and used vehicles. The option to trade and upgrade vehicles are also available for those who qualify.

navy_federal_credit_union_thumbTo preserve funds, it is far better to use a credit union when shopping for a vehicle. In addition to member discounts, you will receive rates that are cheaper than the ones offered by most dealers. New car loans can last for 5 to 7 years, and annual percentage rates can easily reach or exceed 20%. You need a flawless credit report to get the 0% financing offers advertised on television. At Navy Federal, 1-5% offers are the norm, and these rates remain pretty consistent regardless of the vehicle. You can also obtain financing options for 3 to 8 years on just about any vehicle.

Current Loan Rates for Navy Federal (November 2016)

The following loan options are for new, late-model used, and used vehicles. The APR amount corresponds with the age of the vehicle and the length of the loan term.

carsLoans for 36 months: New Cars 1.79% Late Model Used 1.79% Used Vehicle 3.59%
Loans for 37-60 months: New Cars 2.39% Late Model Used 2.39% Used Vehicle 3.99%
Loans for 61-72 months: New Cars 2.49% Late Model Used 3.09% Used Vehicle 5.89%
Loans for 73-84 months: New Cars 3.99%
Loans for 85-96 months: New Cars 4.49%

Navy Federal also has refinancing options for account holders in good standing. This is a great way to reduce payments and save funds without adjusting your budget. If the refinancing process is unclear to you, representatives are always available to give you a thorough explanation. When you decide to move forward, they will help you step-by-step with the application process.